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7th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Competitive Strategies (ICTCS-2022) will be held at Chandigarh, India - 9th - 10th December.

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Friday, December 9

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A Survey on Deep Learning Methods for Addressing Covid 19 Issues Virtual Room A Analysis of Prediction Performance of Machine Learning Techniques on Diabetes Data-set Virtual Room A Comparative Analysis of Classification Models in Design Process of Ensemble Classifier Virtual Room A Digital Twin for Smart-Factory Network QoS Enhancement Experiments Virtual Room A Improvised Image Fusion System using Amalgamation of Histogram Equalization with PCA-Guided Filter & CNN Hybrid System Virtual Room A Machine Learning based Autonomous Framework for Product Classification over Cloud Virtual Room A Privacy Preserved Effective Bill Collection System using Blockchain Virtual Room A Test Suite minimization for Regression Testing Using Keyword Match Technique Virtual Room A Analysis of Information System's in Cyber Crimes through Wireless Networks Virtual Room B Controlling Wheelchair Based on Brain Waves for Paralyzed People Virtual Room B Enhanced AES for Improved Privacy in 5G Enabled IoT Network Virtual Room B Mid-Air Gesture For Hand Control System Using Leap Motion Robot Virtual Room B Quantitative Assessment and Prediction of Ocean Plastic Motivating Actions To Mitigation Virtual Room B Rainfall Forecasting Using Deep Learning Models Virtual Room B Transformation of Data Flow Diagram (DFD) to Petri Net Virtual Room B Understanding the Impact of SNS on Education Virtual Room B A Comprehensive Review on Security Attacks and Countermeasures in IoT Environment Virtual Room C Deep Learning Technique to Analyze and Perceive Traffic Sign in the Intelligent Transport System Virtual Room C Neural Network Design to Determine Variables Affecting Poultry Growth Virtual Room C Optimal Route Locator Mobile App for Timber Depots using Shortest Path Algorithms Virtual Room C Performance Analysis of ML techniques for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Virtual Room C Risk Prediction Near Dams of Krishna River Using GIS And Real Time Flooding Data Virtual Room C UML Modeling for Smart Light System (SLS) in Deserted areas and Forests Virtual Room C A Study of Breast Cancer Identification With Deep Learning Techniques Virtual Room D Classification Of Heart Signal Using Variational Mode Decomposition Virtual Room D Crop Specific Cultivation Recommendation System Using Deep Learning Virtual Room D Determination of Resonant Modes of Equilateral Triangular Metallic Cavity Virtual Room D Investigation of Miniaturized Microstrip Patch Antenna for Metamaterial Application Virtual Room D Traffic Congestion using Deep Learning Models Virtual Room D vTAG: Virtual Lab for Tree-Adjoining Grammar based Research Virtual Room D

4:25pm IST

4:28pm IST

5:00pm IST

5:05pm IST

Attainment of Program Outcomes in Outcome Based Education: A Case Study with Operating Systems Course Virtual Room A Automatic Traffic Rule Violations Detection Using Deep Learning Techniques Virtual Room A Deep Learning based Lung Cancer Detection and Classification Virtual Room A Design and Simulation of Circular Patch Antenna having varied Substrates and Rectangular Slits for 2.4 and 5.2 GHz Virtual Room A Enhanced Dynamic Source Routing Based on Link Capacity and Queue Optimization In MANET (DSR-LQ) Virtual Room A Positioned Stream Cipher Basing on Fibonacci Sequence Virtual Room A Real Time Indian Sign Language Detection Virtual Room A Speech Emotion Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks on Spectrograms and Mel-frequency Cepstral Coefficients Images Virtual Room A Analysis of Sensors used in Medical Body Area Networks for Alzheimer’s Patients Virtual Room B Automatic Recognition and Categorization of Tomato Leaf Syndrome of Diseases using Deep Learning Algorithms Virtual Room B Banking Software Services: Current Status, Challenges, Impact and Prospects Virtual Room B Biometric Inheritance Pattern Synthesis and Features Extraction Virtual Room B Deep Learning Techniques for the Automatic Detection and Classification of Rice Diseases Virtual Room B IoT-based Real-time Air Quality Monitoring and Alerting System for Patients with Chronic Respiratory Disease Virtual Room B Voice Controlled Home Automation with Cloud-based Environment Monitoring System Virtual Room B ‘Mazoor Katta’ A Mobile Application For Daily Wage Labor Management Virtual Room B A Fake News Classification and Identification Model based on Machine Learning Approach Virtual Room C A Statistical Analysis of the Contribution of Enrolment Process Towards Quality of Higher Education in the State of Uttarakhand Virtual Room C An Empirical Analysis of Different Classifiers on COVID-19 Vaccination Data Virtual Room C Analogizing the role of IoT and Data Analytics for Smart Irrigation and Aquaculture Virtual Room C Discrimination between Fake and Real Emotion using modified CNN model Virtual Room C Improving Attitudes of Underrepresented High School Students towards STEM: A Virtual Summer Program Virtual Room C Machine Learning Model for the Email Spam Detection with Data Mining Techniques Virtual Room C An Efficacy of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Healthcare Systems – A Bird View Virtual Room D Crop Yield Prediction and Climate Change Impact Assessment Using Machine Learning Technology In Agriculture Virtual Room D Detection of Log4j attack in SDN Environment Virtual Room D Differential Privacy and its Challenges: A Literature Review Virtual Room D IESCM: Image Encryption using Signcryption and Chaotic Maps Virtual Room D Secure XML Parsing Pattern for Prevention of XML Attacks Virtual Room D Video Transcript Extraction and Summarization using Transfer Learning Virtual Room D

6:25pm IST

6:28pm IST

Saturday, December 10

10:00am IST

10:05am IST

Automated Fish Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks Virtual Room A Down Syndrome Detection using DCNN Virtual Room A Fake News Detection Approach Based on Logistic Regression in Machine Learning Virtual Room A Improved Deep Learning Approach for Underwater Image Enhancement Virtual Room A Measuring Impact of Text Features and Image Features on Classifier’s Performance for Heterogeneous Data Formats Virtual Room A Precise and Accurate Farming Framework Utilizing IoT Virtual Room A Time Delay Approximation Effect on Open Loop Performance of a Delayed Industrial Process Model Virtual Room A Towards GPU Accelerated Computation for Stock Prediction Based on News Headlines Virtual Room A A Novel Approach for the Enterprise Hospital Management Application with Full Stack Development Virtual Room B Air Quality Index Prediction of Bangalore City using various Machine Learning Methods Virtual Room B An Application for Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing and Public Risk Assessment using Blockchain for Covid-19 Pandemic Virtual Room B Applications of Machine Learning and Data Science in Healthcare Industry- A Survey Virtual Room B Float Parameter Extraction from Retinal Funds Image in The Diagnosis Process Of Retinal Detachment Virtual Room B Improving The Efficiency of High-Performance Free Space Optical Communication Channels in Various Weather Conditions Virtual Room B Monitoring Urban Growth Using Land Use Land Cover Classification Virtual Room B Segmentation Of Gujarati Handwritten Characters and Numerals With and Without Modifiers From The Scanned Document Virtual Room B A Review to Analyze Insider Threats Using Machine Learning Techniques Virtual Room C An Optimize Approach to Reduce Uncertainties in WDM Networks Virtual Room C Cognitive Psychology Based Pattern Analysis on Music Signal Processing Virtual Room C Detection of Fake Reviews on products using Machine Learning Virtual Room C Determination & Prediction of Bosom Malignant genes growth utilizing sc-RNA sequencing information by AI Applications Virtual Room C Development Of PMU Data-Based Fault Classification In Smart Electrical Power Networks Virtual Room C Potato Leaves Disease Detection with Data Augmentation Using Deep Learning Approach Virtual Room C Power Quality Conditioner with Fuzzy Logic Controller Virtual Room C A Smart Assistive Device for the Blind People Virtual Room D A Study of The Neuro Learning Model to Diagnosis Of The (Covid -19) Virtual Room D Behavioral Finance: A Bibliometric Analysis Virtual Room D Empirical Analysis of Effect of Higher Order Harmonics on Guitar Chord Classification Virtual Room D Implementing Fog Computing Architecture using AWS IoT Greengrass Virtual Room D Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods for the Detection of Schizophrenia using Magnetic Resonance Images and EEG Signals: An Overview of the Recent Advancements Virtual Room D N-Gram Based Legal Parameters Retrieval: The State-Of-The-Art and Future Research Trends Of Indian Judiciary Virtual Room D Performance Evaluation of CNN models for Face Detection and Recognition with Mask Virtual Room D

11:25am IST

11:28am IST

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12:35pm IST

An Application for Genuine Reviewer Identification using Deep Learning Techniques Virtual Room A Comparative Analysis of Social Media Creditability Assessment using Machine Learning Approaches Virtual Room A Deep Learning Neural Networks for Forecasting the Abrasive Wear in Machining Tools for Cryogenic Treatment by Process Parameter Optimization Virtual Room A Diabetic Eye Diseases Detection and Classification Using Deep Learning Techniques - A Survey Virtual Room A Face Recognition Based Automated Attendance System for Educational Institutions utilizing Machine Learning Virtual Room A Predicting The Stock Market Prices Using Ensemble and FBPROPHET Model Virtual Room A Statistical Analysis of Feature Selection and Clustering for Building the Optimised Drug Toxicity Prediction Model Virtual Room A Workload Prediction for Resource Scaling And Migration in The Cloud Virtual Room A Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Virtual Room B Challenges in IoT in Higher Education Virtual Room B Clean Room System for Malware Analysis Virtual Room B Data Visualization Using R Language Virtual Room B Exploring Cyber Security Issues in the Internet of Health Care Things (IoHT) with Potential Improvements Virtual Room B Logistic Regression: A Basic Approach Virtual Room B Privacy Preserving Algorithm for Blockchain based IOT System Virtual Room B Review on Blockchain in Bitcoin Security Virtual Room B A Qualitative Study to Improve Quality of Online Education: Futuristic Approach Virtual Room C Automation Testing Using Different Tools Virtual Room C Building a Recommendation System for Travel Location based on User Check-ins on Social Network Virtual Room C Complementing Malware Epidemic Agent Based Models with Routing Protocols of Communication Networks using NetLogo Virtual Room C Energy Efficient Target Recovery Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network Virtual Room C IDS & IPS testing using Signature and Heuristic Scanning Virtual Room C Statistical Investigation of Smoking Patterns and Smok-ing Cessation Enthusiasm in Rural Areas of Jaipur Virtual Room C Task Offloading using Queuing Theory in Fog-Assisted IoMT Virtual Room C

1:55pm IST

1:58pm IST

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